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1. Daime Therapy
2. Personal Retreats
3. Circles of Light Self Realization Work
4. Adult Girls Into Women - RItes of Passage in the New Era

Dai-me Therapy

This process is about gnosis. It combines the use of sacraments, personal consultation and self realization. It is an opportunity to look deeply into issues that arise in our lives and ask the Divine for a positive intervention.
We converse to understand our truest intention, to see what in ourselves needs to be revealed and recognized, then enter into meditation and communion with our spiritual guides. We close sharing what happened during the work and how to bring this knowing into our daily life.
Each session is different depending on the intention energy and experience of the person. Sometimes we incorporate sound healing, singing, movement, going into nature and mediumship.
These sessions are three hours long and can be for individuals, couples, families or small groups. I recommend that these sessions be done in series (3-5) especially if you are working on specific issues or just beginning your medicine work journey. Sessions are on a donation basis. All sessions are available in either English or Portuguese.

Personal Retreats
The retreats are held at the Golden Light Temple and my home in redwoods of Felton, California and can accomodate 1 to 3 people.
Retreats offer the opportunity to explore extensively whatever you are searching for in this moment in your life and find a graceful way of embodying that healing. They are especially valuable in working with chronic thought and behavior patterns, physical healing, and elevating consciousness.
We incorporate various psycho-spiritual modalities including: plant spirit rituals, BRETH work, Bio-energetics, individual counseling, body work and spending time in nature. we create the retreat as we go, everything flows according to the needs of the participants.
Housing is provided, meals are organic, home cooked and to the specifications of the retreatants. The length varies from 1 to 4 nights and most everything is negotiable. Airport service is available. Call Luzia to make reservations for your retreat, 831-335-7977.

Circles of Light Self-Realization Work

Circles of Light is a community, a ritual and an entity guided by many Light Beings. The ceremony spans the evolution of the shamanic Ahyuasca journey to the churches of the Santo Daime. We work with gnosis and the transcendent possibilities inherent in our human consciousness to be our best possible self and achieve salvation in this lifetime.
We begin our work calling on the elemental forces through the icaros, drums, rattle and sounds. These vibrations can put us in touch with our indigenous self, our primal energy. Many feelings, images, sensations, both physical and emotional, may be experienced as "things" unblock. The work then moves into a time of quiet so each one can enter their own meditative state. After clearing/smudging the room, we sing a selection of daime hymns calling in Beings of Light, the Orixas, Angels and Archangels that work with our doctrine. This often opens up mediumship and participants can work with these channels in themselves.
At the beginning of the session, we form a circle and each one shares their intention for their work. At the end of the session, each one shares their experience during the ritual (this is optional). We have discovered this sharing time to be very valuable in developing a healthy, helpful, respectful and happy community, and most agree it is inspirational and reassuring.
Circles of Light are led by Luzia and Renee Miranda, a Columbian psychologist and Kofan initiate. We are supported by a rotation of Santo Daime church members and Circles of Light members.
For more information email circlesoflight.ceudaLuzDivina@gmail.com or Call Luzia at 831-335-7977.

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