The Golden Light Temple's front door

The Golden Light Temple is located on the outskirts of Felton, CA in the foothills around Santa Cruz, California. Nestled on the redwoods and bordered by a year-round creek, it is walking distance to town and Henry Cowell State Park and 1/2 hour to the Pacific Ocean and beaches. The temple is in a peaceful, wooded neighborhood next to my house which also serves as a community kitchen and dining area. Also on the property is a yurt, tent spaces and a hot tub. For more information on activities at the Golden Light Temple please call: Luzia at 831-335-7977.

Rent the Golden Light Temple

The temple and facilities are available to like-minded facilitators and groups. The room is decorated in the worlds spiritual traditions and has a multiversal feeling to it. It can be set up as a counseling office, a group or couples space or a retreat room. The temple can comfortably hold 25 persons sitting on the floor, 20 people sitting in chairs or 10 people lying down; there are chairs, futons, and back jack chairs on site. Yard and deck space are also available for outdoor activities. The temple is easy to get to, has ample parking, and is wheelchair accessible.
There is "tea service" in the temple and small refrigerator for snacks. The kitchen is not available but meals can be provided on request and served in the dining room or outside. A private hot tub can be included in the package.
The Golden Light Temple is rentable on an hourly rate or daily rate for longer events. I do my best to accommodate the specific needs of each practitioner and group and am willing to work together to create a successful event.
Please call for more specific information and reservations: Luzia 831-335-7977.

The Elf-In-Tree by Gabriele Rose West

Personal Retreats

I offer personalized retreats for individuals, couples, and small groups. These can be held at the Golden Light Temple or in your area at an appropriate setting. There are many possibilities for these retreats depending on the individual/group needs. We can include a variety of modalities such as: counseling sessions, body work (massage or Bio Energetic), process work, B.R.E.T.H.work, medicine work, meditation, movement, dance, yoga, etc. We can also utilize, as I often do, the nearby river, forest and beaches.
Retreatants at the Golden Light Temple have breakfast on their own, with food provided, based on their requests. Lunch and dinner are in the main house, all the food is organic and cooked with consciousness. We can also create specific diets including: raw food, vegetarian, fasts, of modified fasts or special needs (wheat free, dairy free, etc.).
The length of the retreat is open as is the program. We are the co-creators of your retreat and it can be as structured or as organic as feels comfortable. There are many factors to consider in determining the price, so it is negotiable. For information on retreats at the Golden Light Temple or to set up a retreat for you or your own group, please call Luzia at 831-335-7977.

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