Luzia was born Jewish, raised a Humanist and has practiced Buddhist meditation most of her life. She has participated in Native American ceremonies for 23 years and been a follower of Mother Ammachi for 20 years. In 1987 she was enchanted by the Queen of the Forest and initiated into the church of the Santo Daime in 1989. She lived extensively in the Brazilian rainforest and studied/practiced herbal medicine, energetic healing spirit work, mediumship, and sacraments practiced there.

Luzia specializes in Bio-energetic Analysis. She works with individuals, couples, and groups on a long and short term basis and is the leader of various workshops. She is gifted at getting to the core issues and guiding people through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of these tensions. She believes in resolution through revelation, the benefits of deep study, and an environment of support and nuturance for the emerging Self.

Integrating spirit combines Luzia's knowledge and experience as a pastoral counselor with her wisdom and aptitude as a spiritualist. Her presence creates a feeling of permission and safety that allows the unknown, unthinkable, and unimaginable to emerge and be recognized with respect.

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Luzia is available for consultations, specialized ceremonies, individual or group retreats, and spiritual emergence or crisis situations. She gives inspired public talks, hosts group discussions and is open for interviews and relevant conversations.


• 1991 to 1999 - Training in medicinal herbs, mediumship, energetic healing and shamanic practices, Ceu do Mapia, Brazil
• 1984 to 1988 - Bio-energetic Analysis Training Program at the "Center for Bio-energetic Analysis", Cambridge, Mass
• 1984 - B.R.E.T.H. Training/Certification Program (Breath Releasing Energy for Transformation and Healing), Boston, Mass
• 1982 to 1983 - Counseling Psychology, MA, Lesley College, Mass., (Liberal Arts, BA)
• 1975 to 1978 - BA Liberal Arts, Elementary School Teaching Credential, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California

Work Experience

• 2015 - Adult Girls Into Women, Rites of Passage in the New Era
• 2014 to present - Circles of Light, Self Realization work, a monthly group
• 2013 to present - Spiritual Integration, pastoral counseling practice
• 2000 to 2013 - Psycho-spiritual Integration, California and Florida
• 1997 to present - Leader of a spiritual community; "Divine Light from Heaven", Santa Cruz, CA
• Workshop(s) Leader:
1995 to present - "Encounters with the Divine" U.S. and Brazil / Living Gracefully, Bio-energetics for Daily Life.
1985 to present - "B.R.E.T.H. work" California and Florida
• 1983 to 2000 - Psychotherapist (individuals, couples, groups), Mass and California
• 1980 to 1982 - Intake Coordinator/Clinician at a methadone treatment center, Boston State Hospital, Boston, Mass
• Education Coordinator/Teacher for a Title I prison project, Boston, Mass

Psycho-spiritual Development

1953 - Earthbirth in San Rafael, California - Named Lyn
1955 - Birth of sister, lived in Palo Alto
1957 - Moved to Portola Valley
1961 - Joined Ladera Oaks swim team, and Los Altos Hunt club
1963 - Discovered Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Shakespeare
1966 - Began Zen meditation practice
1967 - Death of my brother, onset of my father's illness, and familial depression
1968 - First boyfriend, abortion, death of aunt, and a male friend
1969 - Began political activity, volunteer teacher for autistic kids, and swimming teacher for people with disabilities
1971 - Graduated high school, (leader "Idea Forum" alternative school) University of New Mexico, learned to hitchhike.
1972 - Death of my father, moved back to California
1973-75 - Mother re-married, lived on a Kibbutz in Israel, a cave on a Greek island, an apartment in W. Berlin with a companion, studied communities, Lao Tzu, and non-attachment
1975-78 - Sonoma State University, participated in alternative life-styles, vegetarian cooking, yoga, studies of consciousness, the brain, and quantum physics
1979 - Moved to Boston, MA, created an Integrated Arts teaching curriculum for "at risk" teenagers
1981 - Discovered Vipassana meditation and Larry Rosenberg, founding member of Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, practice leader, chai maker, and retreat cook
1983 - Married Perrin Cohen to form a 'restructured family', first home
1971, travels to Nepal, India, began a women's group
1984 - Began a private practice, entered in Bio-energetic/spiritual psychotherapy with Jose Rosa, participated in Native American rituals, discovered Creator, spirit guides, and how to pray.
1985 - Fell in love with Mother Ammachi, began working with clients who were subject to ritual abuse, satanic cults, and sexual abuse
1987 - Entered Bio-Energetic/Psychodrama psychotherapy with Ildri Ginn, informal massage training, macro-biotic cooking, travels to Peru, initiations in Machu Pichu, ordained as a reverend, began working as a pastoral counselor.
1988 - Brazil, enchanted by the Queen of the Forest, mediumship erupted, spiritual initiations, owned my womanhood, battled with sanity, and confronted craziness, end of marriage, home and community
1989 - Joined the Church of the Santo Daime, traveled to the Brazilian Rainforest community of Ceu de Mapia, revelation: I have only one life, there is no separation between my spiritual life and day to day life
1991 - Life-style change, closed psycho-therapy practice and group, built house in Mapia and began living there for extended times, learned to trust and believe in a Universal Intelligence, the value and necessity of faith and the power of Divine Intervention and personal intention
1992 - Baptism and second earthbirth re-named Luzia
1993 - Caretaker and witness to the death and dying of my second father, passed through grief, loss, depression, and despair, wrote "Soultalk, Conversations on Psychotherapy and Spiritual Practice", (still awaiting publication)
1994 - Continued my personal psycho-spiritual integration in the Amazon forest, internship in plant and spirit based healing techniques and practices.
1995 - Founding member of the community Kayumari, Sonora, California
1996 - Formation of Ceu da Luz Divina (Divine Light from Heaven) a religious corporation, trials of being a community leader, endless opportunities to practice my humility, patience, charity, and confront rigidity.
2000 - Bought home in Felton, California, fell in love with Hugo Arana, created family with son Camilo, vision of spiritual community/healing center in Florida
2001-4 - Began "Daime Therapy" sessions, challenge of menopause
2005 - Spent a year on a retreat in central Florida, reawakened political awareness, revelations on love and war, returned to Santa Cruz
2006 - Re-establish myself alone in California, travel to Mexico and the US giving spiritual retreats and sessions.
2007 - Bought second home in Felton, California, creation of the Golden Light Temple, a place for my work, personalized retreats and community events. Began public speaking and other new forums
2010 - Magical Mystery Tour - group tour to sacred sites in Guatemala
2011 - Began Full Moon BRETHworks, public speaking, life is good
2013 - Turned 60, became a whole person, moved my mother to San Francisco from family home of 56 years, after complaints to Psychology Board changed name of practice to Spiritual Integration
2014 - Burst of creativity, opened the "Circles of Light" self-realization work at the Los Gatos Chi Gong and Acupuncture Center with Johny Misha, then Renee, and other members of Ceu da Luz Divina, began preparations for a program of initiation Adult Girls Into Women, Rites of Passage in the New Era, created web site, gathered facilitators and staff
2015 - Launched Adult Girls Into Women programs, sense of satisfaction, challenge and awe, vacation - visited Cuba and Guatemala, first year anniversary of Circles of Light, rearranging relationships, confronting the realities of having an aging mother
2016 -Twenty year anniversary of Ceu da Luz Divina Church and community, second year of Adult Girls Into Women program
2017 - Reunited with Hugo Arana, travels to Bolivia, Peru - completed a spiritual mandate in Machu Pichu and was received by the Jaguar, discovered the beauty of Ecuador - planned to return.
2018 - Returned to Mexico for spiritual work and vacation, began looking for retreat center/land to buy in support of our church community.


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