Mary, stained glass by Lisa Tieman

Integrating spirit is a process of spiritual evolution and psychological maturation. It was born out of my personal development as a pastoral counselor and spiritual devotee, as an answer to many of my concerns about modern day psychology.  Essentially, to maintain my integrity as a counselor, I restructured my work to reflect spiritual values rather than the "coping", "ego strengthening", or "here's a pill" protocol of traditional therapy.

My background in Bio-energetic Analysis naturally led me to the body/mind realm as a way of understanding and working through many of the issues clients presented. In recognizing behavioral patterns and chronic tensions and postures held in their bodies, it became possible to release, restructure, and realign them into positive, energized flows. This in turn triggers old feelings/emotions and influences the habitual thought forms and belief systems.This “shaking-up to the depths” of the physical/emotional structure allows the client to re-assemble in a new way. Through connecting to the innate wisdom of the body s/he also connects to the earth and all living beings. A sense of union often brings with it both a feeling of responsibility and a desire to be good caretakers of our precious planet while stimulating us to find our place in this mission.

As a spiritualist, I am also aware of other elements and beliefs that affect the well being of an individual. Integrating spirit holds the perspective of a multi-dimensional universe and takes into account the presence of spirits and other intangible energetic forces. This may include assistance from elevated beings or interference from entities who are less honorable, specifically: suffering spirits, and those who are connected to addictions (alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sex) and illness.  Through guided meditation, journeys, and B.R.E.T.H.work clients often remember incidents, or come into contact with presences (i.e. thought forms, energetic configurations and encantations) that have been mysterious to them. Through intuition and guidance, we seek to understand this phenomenon and how it is relevant to the client's current situation. This work often brings one face to face with one's deepest, most hidden and feared parts. For some this is their “lower self” and for others their “higher self". In either case, through this practice, both the person and the entities earn the capacity to transform themselves and are indoctrinated into a “spiritual paradigm”.

Integrating spirit bridges the insights of psychology and the grace of spirituality; it is a path of direct and personal connection with the divine. It is a safe space to descend deep into one’s own being to touch the divine presence within the soul. It is a path of revelation, transmutation and unification of matter and spirit.

The process of integrating spirit brings help and support for persons in spiritual, emotional, or physical distress, crisis, or discomfort as well as those seeking to make a significant change in their lives through self-awareness. This work is also beneficial for persons experiencing the presence of energies, (wanted or unwanted) around them, whether it be in their home, their work, or their physical/etheric body. It can be enhanced with the simultaneous use of complimentary modalities such as flower essences, B.R.E.T.H.work, ritual, acupuncture, etc.  Integrating spirit embraces all faiths, social and political ideologies, believers, and non-believers.

This is a healing process, not a quick cure. It requires a commitment of time, energy and financial remuneration. The sessions are usually one and a half hours, on a weekly basis over an agreed upon span of time. Emergency situations are treated as needed. I offer and encourage an in-person preliminary interview session; all following sessions are available by telephone or in person.


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